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Panasonic set to launch R32 mini VRF

EUROPE: Panasonic is set to launch an R32 version of its Mini ECOi VRF air conditioning system.

Previewed at the online Chillventa show in October, the new Mini ECOi LZ2 VRF series has been re-engineered for greater efficiency, offering SEERs up to 8.5 and SCOPs to 5.05 (for the 4hp model). 

The range of outdoor units will be offered in five sizes in cooling capacities from 12kW to 28kW.  It is said to be capable of operating at extreme ambient temperatures – down to -20°C in heating and up to 52°C in cooling.

Piping lengths are up to 90m on the single-fan 4, 5 and 6hp models and 100m on the twin-fan 8 and 10hp units. 

All units have a footprint of 980mm wide x 370mm deep, the single-fan units being 996mm high and weighing 94kg, the twin-fan models being 1500mm high and weighing 126kg.

A variety of indoor units are available, supporting an optional refrigerant leak detector and offering the latest nanoe X virus protection.

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