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Panasonic to add 4hp CO2 unit

EUROPE: Panasonic is to add a 4hp CO2 condensing unit to its current line up of 10hp and 2hp models introduced into Europe since 2017.

It is reported that the new 4hp unit will be featured at next month’s online natural refrigeration Virtual Trade Show.

The 4HP CO2 condensing unit (GCU-CR400VF8) is a 7.5kW (2.1TR) medium-temperature system (evaporating temperatures -20°C/-4°F to -5°C/23°F) with a heat-recovery port. It operates at ambient temperatures between -15°C and 43°C.

The Virtual Trade Show takes place on September 1-2. This online event, which aims to connect suppliers of natural refrigerant-based HVACR systems and components with the global cooling marketplace, is being hosted by Shecco. Further details here.

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