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Process chillers in control

ITALY: Carel’s new µChiller Process is said to provide complete management of process chillers with on-off and variable-capacity BLDC compressors.

Said to be the first compact and cost-effective controller of its type, the µChiller Process is claimed to cover most process applications without the need for modifications or the addition of external devices. 

The distinctive element of μChiller Process is complete control of high efficiency units through integrated management of electronic valves and BLDC compressors, without neglecting the specifics of process applications, such as hot gas bypass or the possibility to manage a storage tank or backup pump.

In addition, the thermostat or external control function, which typically requires a separate device, is included on µChiller Process using an auxiliary regulation loop, with autotuning of the three PID settings.

The µChiller Process includes wireless connectivity with NFC (Near Field Communication) as standard, as well as Bluetooth on dedicated models, allowing interaction with mobile devices using the Carel Applica app. On specific models, a data log relating to a serious alarm event can also be exported.


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