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RDM issues major software updates

RDM’s DMTouch now now benefits from the release of software v4.0

UK: Refrigeration controls company, RDM, has announced major software updates for its Transcritical Superpack Controller and DMTouch unit.

A v5.0 firmware updates features of the Intuitive Superpack Controller, introducing internal data logging, customisable universal (analogue) IO configuration, alarm email notifications and other features to expand its flexibility and reliability.

The Intuitive Superpack Controller is designed for multi-compressor and gas cooler control in industrial and commercial CO2 refrigeration systems.

A new parallel compressor section provides support to control receiver pressure in parallel with or in place of the receiver valve (flash gas valve). The section utilises a pressure input and an ambient temperature sensor/probe input in control is used to stage off compressors if the ambient temperature drops below a defined set point. Additional pressure and temperature inputs are available for monitoring purposes. Optional oil injection control is also supported for the parallel section. 

In the gas cooler section, a new fail setpoint parameter provides an additional safety feature through a user-defined set point in the event of sensor/probe failures. The addition of standby and general fault inputs, previously only available on compressor sections, strengthen the safety and alarming capabilities of the gas cooler section.

Providing additional protection, in the event of a receiver low pressure alarm the controller can be set to open the gas cooler valve in a controlled manner based on user-defined settings. The ability to open the valve gradually in the event of low receiver pressure helps to better regulate the recovery of the system and provide a controlled response to a problem condition.

DMTouch Software Update

The DMTouch, RDM’s front-end for RDM and third-party HVACR control devices, now benefits from the release of software v4.0 with new fault-finding and data analysis tools, and predictive maintenance capabilities.

The new DMTouch software implements recent updates to the Data Builder (TDB) range, RDM’s PLC solution. TDB programmes can now be viewed and edited using common web browsers, when using the desktop editor is not possible or feasible. 

The new Lua Code block utilises the powerful programming language Lua to carry out complex functions and potentially reduce the number of TDB item blocks in a particular programme.

The new version allows users to assign custom default parameters for each device type that differ from the factory defaults. This capability simplifies certain processes such as programming large quantities of cabinet/case controllers or replacing a faulty device.


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