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RDM seeks test sites for new software

UK: RDM is seeking test sites for a new version of its Data Manager software, due to be released this year. 

RDM describes its new v3.0 of its Data Manager software as its biggest development in many years. The company insists that the Data Manager, or DMTouch, will build on its position as the ultimate gateway for interfacing with a number of standard and proprietary HVACR and BEMS devices through a number of new additions. 

Prior to launch, RDM is seeking potential sites with remote coms to fully test and use the system, noting any issues or problems.

RDM promises users a sleek new graphical user interface as well as lots of new demand-driven functions and features, including the ability to digitally sign exported documents; specific identification in the syslog of who made changes, should more than one person be connected; additional third party protocols; user-definable dashboard home screen; the ability to mark device items using a watch selection feature, enabling easier system diagnosis; simple set-up wizard; improved graphing; improved export log functions

Additional developments are said to be still in progress.


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