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Refrigerated display case cleaner

UK: Gel-clear Ltd has extended its range of cleaning products with the launch of Eco-clear for refrigerated display cases.

Described as the next generation of silver cleaners, Eco-clear is designed to provide long-lasting biofilm risk-prevention safer and faster.

Marketed as the only hypoallergenic biocide on the market, Eco-clear is said it be non-toxic, pump safe, pet safe, and food safe. It is also said to be proven to be fifty-times more effective than the most recent technology – silver nano-particle cleaners.

Eco-clear uses a water-based silver ion polymer to distribute its long-lasting coating. According to the manufacturer, this coating incorporates the highest level of disinfectant so, when applied, the risk of cross-contamination is eliminated in less time. It also requires less chemical usage as only a fraction of silver ion is required to achieve a much higher level of disinfection and is said to be highly-effective against MRSA and norovirus.

“Eco-clear is so safe it can even be ingested without risk,” said Gel-clear MD Paurick Gaughan. “We’re also proud to say that It’s more effective than anything on the market including chlorine. Eco-clear is a context specific solution, safe for the user, and safe to use in-store during trading. This is becoming more and more important with longer opening hours and shorter maintenance windows.”


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