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Rhoss adds chillers on R32

ITALY: The EasyPack ECO is a new range of water chillers and packaged reversible air-cooled heat pumps from Rhoss operating on lower GWP refrigerant R32.

Available in sizes from 70kW to 150kW, it includes the latest generation hermetic scroll compressors and axial fans. 

The EasyPack ECO is said to to combine silent operation and maximum energy efficiency with the low GWP refrigerant R32 and new logics that, through predictive algorithms, optimise the functioning of the units. 

The range is available in seven sizes and two versions: T (high efficiency) and Q (super-silenced high efficiency). 

EasyPACK boasts SEERs up to 4.63 and SCOPs up to 4.19. 


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