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Rhoss produces R290 heat pump

ITALY: Rhoss, the Italian manufacturer of chillers and heat pumps, has announced the availability of a new scroll compressor heat pump designed for use with R290 (propane). 

After compiling a complete catalogue of products with A2L refrigerants, Rhoss now makes the move into A3 refrigerants with the new Poker290.

The new range, which will be featured at the forthcoming ISH exhibition in Frankfurt, is available in just one size but can be coupled in up to four units through Rhoss’ new integrated sequencer SDR and cover a capacity from around 48kW up to 190kW.

Specifically designed for use with R290, the Poker290 features an integrated leak detector and ventilation system for total safety with A3 refrigerant.

With a single refrigerant circuit in a double compressor (fixed speed) configuration, the unit is said to be capable of achieving low temperature SCOP up to 4.19 and medium temperature SCOP up to 3.57.


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