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Ritchie introduces new digital manifolds

USA: Ritchie Engineering has announced the launch of the Yellow Jacket P51 Titan four-valve digital manifold series for refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Two versions are available. The P51-860 Titan displays measurements on a backlit digital screen, while the P51-870 Titan features a 4.3in full colour touchscreen graphic display with digital and graphical representation of pressure and temperature measurements.

Measurements can be transmitted via Bluetooth to a smartphone for further analysis. When connected to a smartphone, target superheat and subcool are easily attained, along with all the other capabilities of the Yellow Jacket ManTooth app.

Both units measure high- and low-side pressures and temperatures, display vapour and liquid saturation temperatures as well as system superheat and subcooling calculations, and have on-board data logging capabilities, with export to a computer through USB or to a Smartphone via the ManTooth app. The pressure hold mode displays rate of change for both vacuum and positive pressure measurements. 126 refrigerant profiles are stored in the instrument including new blends not currently on the Refprop database.

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