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Samsung adds air cleaning to WindFree air conditioner

UK: Samsung has extended its WindFree range of wall-mounted air conditioners to include an air-purifying electrostatic PM1.0 filter, freeze wash functionality and intelligent control options.

According to Samsung, the PM1.0 filter can filter dust particles up to 0.3μm and inactivates certain types of bacteria (escherichia coli: above 99%, staphylococcus aureus: above 99%) that are captured, using an electrostatic precipitator.

The sterilization performance is said to have been validated by British certification expert Intertek2.

The PM1.0 filter is semi-washable, providing users with the advantage of enjoying fresh and cleaner air whilst saving on the additional maintenance cost of replacing the filter.

Additional cleaning is provided by the unit’s freeze wash function. With this feature the heat exchanger of the indoor unit is cooled to -15 °C to cover it with frost. When put into defrost mode, the melting ice removes certain types of bacteria within the heat exchanger. Using Samsung’s SmartThings app a notification can be sent when the heat exchanger needs to be cleaned via the freeze wash function.

 The WindFree Pure 1.0 also features an air purity levels indicator to monitor indoor air quality. A laser sensor, located on the display, measures the concentrations of PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0 in the indoor air and can clean itself with an AI enabled function. Air quality is automatically indicated on the display based on the highest measured concentration and expressed using four different levels/colours.

Indoor air quality can be continuously monitored via the SmartThings app. Even when the unit is turned off, the dust sensor is able to register the current air quality in the room. A notification is sent when the air quality reaches low levels. Via the SmartThings app, the user can respond to the information by turning on the purify mode remotely. Besides the monitoring of the air quality and turning on or off the purify mode, the Samsung SmartThings app and Bixby Voice Control let users turn their air conditioner on or off, select preferred cooling modes, schedule operations, and monitor energy consumption.

The WindFree Pure 1.0 is available from next month.


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