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Samsung extends Wind-Free offering

EUROPE: Samsung has extended its Wind-Free technology to include a 4-way and 1-way cassette.

The first Wind-Free unit, the wall-mounted AR9500M air conditioner, introduced last year is now joined by the two new models. Both products were previewed at Mostra Convegno last month, the 4-way cassette also being featured at the AHR Expo at the beginning of the year.

Samsung’s Wind-Free technology is based on delivering air at under 0.15m/s – a velocity that is considered “still air” by ASHRAE. It is designed to provide a cooler indoor climate and optimal energy efficiency without the discomfort of direct cold airflow.

The Wind-Free air conditioners cool the air rapidly in fast cooling mode before automatically switching to Wind-Free cooling to maintain the temperature.

The Wind-Free 4-Way cassette pushes air out through 13,000 micro holes. It is available as split systems and VRF indoor units, in both mini (600mm x 600mm) and standard size cassette styles. Capacities range from 1.6kW to 5.2kW.

The 1-Way cassette is designed as an alternative to bulkhead units in hotels. It is available in capacities of 2.6kW and 3.5kW.

Perry Jackson, head of air conditioning at Samsung UK said: “Samsung is firmly positioning itself as the industry leader in heating and cooling innovation. We’re expecting 2018 to be an exciting year for the company and expect to make our mark on the industry with our acclaimed Wind-Free technology.”


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