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Samsung extends Wind-Free line

USA: Building on the success of its Wind-Free wall-mounted air conditioner, Samsung introduced a full Wind-Free line-up at the AHR Expo this week, including a 4-way cassette.

The first Wind-Free unit, the wall-mounted AR9500M air conditioner, was introduced last year. It is designed to provide a cooler indoor climate and optimal energy efficiency without the discomfort of direct cold airflow. The introduction followed the huge success of a floor-standing Wind-Free model in South Korea.

Dispersing air through thousands of micro holes, the Wind-Free unit delivers air at under 0.15m/s – an air velocity that is considered “still air” by ASHRAE.

Visitors to the Samsung stand at the AHR 2018 Expo, this week, were able to experience the difference between standard cooling and the Wind-Free effect in specially designed booths.

The 4Way cassette has a blade up to 31% larger than conventional products and a widening swing angle of 10°, which can deliver wind up to 5m – around double that of conventional products. In addition, 4Way Cassette is equipped with a motion detection sensor to detect the position of the person and automatically adjust the direction of the wind.

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