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Sanhua adds TEVs for R455A and R454C

SPAIN: The RFKH20 series thermostatic expansion valves, now introduced by Sanhua, are suitable for the lower GWP A2L refrigerants R455A and R454C.

The new series contains six different models in temperature ranges from -40°C to +10°C without MOP function.

Three different outlet connections are offered, with internal or external equalisation: 1/2in SAE flare connection, and 12mm and 1/2in ODF connections.

The RFKH series already includes models suitable for R448A, R449A and R452A refrigerants.

The valves have interchangeable orifices, a brass body, copper connections and a stainless steel head. Sanhua points out that the use of stainless steel in the bulb and capillary tube brings greater strength to the valve and reduces the risk of capillary tube damage in the event of accidental impacts or unusual vibrations.


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