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Standard range of packaged CO2 chillers

UK: Green Thermal Energy has launched a range of CO2 packaged chillers with capacities from 30kW to 450kW.

Manufactured by Italian manufacturer Enex Srl, the GTE-Yukon range is provided in either air- or water-cooled configuration and is geared towards both process and comfort cooling applications.

Green Thermal Energy insists that this is the first standardised range of CO2 chillers to be available with a full range of options.

Able to operate with leaving water/glycol temperatures from 10ºC to as low as -30ºC, the GTE-Yukon CO2 chiller range combines application flexibility with high levels of efficiency and performance.

Alongside cooling only models GTE-Yukon units are available which combine cooling with high temperature waste heat recovery, delivering cooling plus hot water at temperatures up to 80ºC.

Significant cost and carbon savings can be gained from utilising the recycled high temperature waste heat to provide hot water for any application ranging from hotels or hospitals to food processing plants.

GTE-Yukon units are able to provide hot water that can be used directly within a circulated system or for example to deliver make up water to feed steam boiler systems.

The GTE-Yukon chiller range is provided with a complete application support service, which offers design to commissioning services, along with the industry leading Green Thermal Energy CO2 specifier and contractor partner scheme.

Green Thermal Energy

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