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Systemair adds R290 chiller and heat pump

SWEDEN: Systemair’s new SysAqua Blue R290 air-cooled chiller and heat pump boasts the double benefit of increased efficiency and performance with one of the lowest GWP refrigerants.

Thanks to the eco-friendly refrigerant, SysAqua Blue offers an 18% improvement in SEER and 5% better SCOP compared to Systemair’s standard SysAqua range.

Greater efficiencies are said to be achievable by installing a variable speed pump. It automatically adjusts its speed according to the required capacity. As a result, the annual energy consumption of the pump can be reduced by up to 70%, compared to a fixed speed pump and according to the operating profile of the pump working at partial load.

The SysAqua Blue L, cooling only unit, has a cooling capacity of 31.7kW. Its sibling, the SysAqua Blue H heat pump has the same cooling capacity with a heating capacity of 35.4kW.

Up to three SysAqua Blue units can be combined to boost capacity up to 105kW at nominal conditions.


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