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Systemair adds R32 rooftop units

SWEDEN: Systemair has added a range of rooftop units operating on lower GWP refrigerant R32.

The SYSAER R32 boasts a number of features including scroll compressors, energy-saving EC fans, advanced controls and low noise levels in a small chassis of only 8.55m2

They are available in two models with cooling capacities of 106kW and 139kW and heating capacities of 106kW and 142kW. They handle wide operating limits from -15°C to +50°C OAT. In cooling operation, a dehumidification function is now available to provide an even better air quality and comfort.

In addition to the obvious benefits of R32, the SYSAER R32 units are equipped with new heat exchangers allowing a refrigerant charge reduction of 40%. 

Aware of the flammability of R32, a safety ventilation system has also been incorporated ensures venting of the refrigerant gas to the outside of the unit in case of leak.

The SYSAER R32 units have been designed with double skin panels (25mm glasswool), new EC indoor fans and compressors covered with sound jackets and closed in a “low noise box”.

They also feature a new advanced control system with, among others, Modbus protocols, an optimised defrosting logic, a high security envelope, Modbus control of the indoor fans and cloud connection.


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