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Trane adds Sintesis Advantage chillers

BELGIUM: Trane has added Sintesis Advantage air-cooled chillers and heat pumps to its extensive range of scroll, screw and high-speed centrifugal technologies.

The new Sintesis Advantage air-cooled scroll chillers are now available across Europe, Middle East and Africa in capacities ranging from 300-700kW and capability to provide all-year cooling in ambient temperatures from -20ºC to 52ºC. 

With footprint reduced by 22% compared to the previous generation, the compact design of the new Sintesis Advantage units enable a quick and easy installation.

 The Sintesis Advantage offers three different levels of efficiency reaching an EER of 3.41 and ESEER of 4.74. Three different levels of noise attenuation are also offered.

Free cooling and total or partial heat recovery are options. Units equipped with the heat recovery option can produce chilled and hot water simultaneously.


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