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Carrier technology is right for Gist

Carrier transicoldUK: One of the UK’s largest distributors of chilled and ambient goods, Gist, has added longer semi-trailers (LSTs) to its fleet, each specified with Carrier Transicold’s Vector 1950 MT (multi-temperature) technology. 

The five new Gray & Adams trailers are over 15m long and fitted with Carrier Transicold’s powerful refrigeration technology, which is said to offer rapid pull-down times and the ability to haul larger loads over long distances.

The Vector units are equipped with Carrier Transicold’s E-Drive electric technology, which removes the mechanical transmissions found in conventional belt-driven refrigeration systems and transforms engine power into electricity through a generator.

By adding the new LSTs to its fleet, Gist will be able to carry higher volumes of temperature-sensitive goods whilst still meeting the current regulations regarding maximum permitted weights and turning circles.

“The LSTs are great new assets to our fleet. They allow us to deliver more products in fewer journeys, helping us to increase the efficiency of our operation. The longer trailers fill the gap between standard semi-trailers and our double-deck trailers,” said Sam de Beaux, engineering director for Gist.

“As the LSTs have a larger area to fill, they naturally have a larger area to cool. As such, we needed to make sure the refrigeration technology we chose would be powerful enough to maintain the integrity of our loads.”

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