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CHPA adopts a cool change of name

ADE-logoUK: The Combined Heat and Power Association is to be renamed the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) to reflect its other interests of district heating and cooling, and demand side energy services.

Members of the Association, which started life as the District Heating Association (DHA) in 1967, voted unanimously for the change at an Extraordinary General Meeting on January 7.

“The way we generate and use our energy is in the midst of a significant transition, away from a centralised system and towards a decentralised one that puts control in the hands of users,” commented Dr Tim Rotheray, the Association’s director.

“From industry to local authorities, energy users are increasingly seeking local solutions to meet their energy needs. This change of name reflects our long-term vision to create a less costly, more secure and lower carbon energy system, dictated by users’ needs, not energy producers,” he added.

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