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Clarity needed on CE and UKCA mark transition

UK: The engineering services industry has called for clarity on the CE and UKCA mark transition for construction products.

Actuate UK, which represents the whole supply chain for construction products, has welcomed the UK government’s announcement to indefinitely extend recognition of CE mark for some goods coming into Great Britain but asks for clarity on construction products. 

It argues that while the Department of Business & Trade (DBT) includes some products used by the engineering services, such as lifts, most of the construction products come under the scope of the Department for Levelling Up Housing and Communities (DLUHC), which has currently extended the use of CE Mark until 30 June 2025. 

Actuate UK has previously urged the government to work with industry and agree a joined-up plan on the future of construction product certification and UKCA mark, including transition arrangements, as the process so far has created confusion, anxiety and costs. Actuate UK has also warned that ambiguity on the certification process could impact product safety for the public. 

“While the DBT announcement will be a huge relief for many manufacturers, the questions remain on construction products,” commented FETA CEO Chris Yates. “The industry has already made significant investment to make the move to UKCA and manufacturers had to decided which construction products to put on the market based on approval costs. We need DLUHC to decide whether they will follow the DBT announcement and lift the deadline of 30 June 2025 while getting more clarity on further proposed changes in construction product testing regulations.”

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