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Free jointing technology demos

single-flame-pipe-top-1UK: B&ES and Refcom have joined with the European Association of Brazing and Soldering (EABS) to offer free presentations on new pipe jointing techniques.

The refrigerants we use are changing but so are the pipe materials we use and their jointing techniques. Now EABS, B&ES and Refcom have organised a number of half-day awareness presentations for the joining of aluminium and copper piping by means of non-permanent (flare and flare adaptor) permanent (Reflok and Vulkan) mechanical joints, flame brazed joints (oxy-acetylene and other gases) and introducing the new “safe” jointing technique Safeflame.

The previews are targeted at both engineers and decision makers who need to understand not only the trend towards the greater use of aluminium for piping and the manufacture of heat exchangers, but also the potential for increased efficiencies and significant savings by employing all methods of joining.

The presentations are being held from October 21 – 23 in Poynton, Chesire. For further information click here.

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