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Guide to energy efficiency in cold stores

UK: With international moves to achieve net-zero emissions, the Cold Chain Federation has produced a guide to maximising energy efficiency in cold stores.

The guide is said to provide a suite of measures, procedural changes and advice which businesses can take to reduce their energy dependencies and drive down carbon emissions. 

The guide is aimed at investment decision makers in a typical cold store business. Certain sections may also be relevant to organisations leasing out cold stores, looking to increase revenue and marketability of their property estate. 

The Cold Chain Federation’s Energy Efficiency in Cold Stores: A Practical Guide is split into six parts: Understanding the current and future energy policy landscape and the challenge ahead; The energy usage of the cold storage sector and recent progress under the Climate Change Agreements (CCA); Assessing energy usage in a cold store and building the business case for energy efficiency investments; Practical measures to reduce energy usage; Challenging behaviour throughout the workforce to achieve efficiency measures; Assessing the options for utilising renewable energy within a cold storage operation.

It is available free to download here.

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