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Manor plans refurb expansion

Manor Concepts cabinet refurbishment

RW_AdvertUK: Manor Refrigerated Cabinets is to expand its cabinet refurbishment department which is based at the company’s headquarters and manufacturing facility in Sandy.

An integral part of the business since it began in 1996, the refurbishment department is benefitting from investment in the company’s plant and the appointment of Andy Patmore as refurbishment project manager.

Patmore will head up the dedicated workforce – a specialist team of workshop staff experienced in the refurbishment of not only their own brand of cabinet, but also most makes of cabinets on the market.

The drive to improve efficiency in both manufacturing and refurbishing processes has included upgrading the powder coating plant to an eco-friendly system with the capability for fast colour changes.

“With savings of up to 50% compared to purchasing a new cabinet, in the right circumstances refurbishing not only reduces costs but it’s also easier on the environment,” commented Manor Refrigerated Cabinets md Mike Tucker.

“It’s therefore no surprise that demand for refurbished cabinets continues to rise from retailers at both ends of the spectrum. Over the years our customers have ranged from small, privately owned stores to high street multiples such as Tesco, the Co-Op and Sainsbury’s.

“Manor’s refurbishment facility can be used to either completely transform an old cabinet making it look like new again, or simply refresh it to give it a new lease of life. Importantly, we offer the option to carry out the renovation either on or off-site, to suit individual retailers’ needs.”

Tucker concludes, “As part of the refurbishment process many of our customers are now asking us to install a range of energy saving devices to make their cabinets operate more efficiently and extend the cost effective life of their asset. These devices range from modern fans and LED technology to the fitting of glazed doors which significantly reduce energy consumption.”

The company claims a growing database of cabinets made by many different manufacturers over the last two decades. This ensures that Manor can either manufacture pattern parts or, where commercially available, source industry standard parts. This is increasingly important with so many manufacturers based abroad, some as far away as China.

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