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Morrisons to invest £19m in refrigeration

15029981_sUK: Morrisons has confirmed that it is to invest £19m in refrigeration to speed up the supply of fresh produce.

The investment will be spread across all stores, three manufacturing sites and logistics chain in an effort to improve the shelf life of fruit and vegetables and reduce waste.

Specifically, the investment means £12m being spent on chilling facilities in stores and £7m at Morrisons produce facilities at Cutler heights in Bradford, Thrapston and Gadbrook. The investment will be completed by the end of the year.

“The main goal here is to ensure fruit and veg lasts longer for the customer,” said a Morrisons spokesperson. “The investment in store will help develop a clear system to identify all products that need to remain chilled. We have always had a lot of refrigeration compared to the discounters but now we’re improving it.”

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