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Online grounding in ground-source heat pumps

UK: The Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA) has launched an online training scheme to dispense practical advice and essential information on every aspect of ground source heat pumps.

Consisting of four modules, the scheme will go live early next year. It is designed to increase understanding of heat pumps, improve the skill levels of people already working in the UK heat pump industry and give guidance to people who are seeking careers in the heat pump industry. 

There will also be live online Q&A sessions with senior professionals within the industry, including Laura Bishop, chair of the GSHPA. 

The scheme will focus on all types of ground source heat pump systems – commercial, residential, mixed use and retrofit, and is aimed towards architects, consultant engineers, contractors, facility managers, energy managers, students and anyone who has an interest in heat decarbonisation and net zero.

“The GSHPA acknowledges the need to improve knowledge and public understanding of heat pumps, the need to upskill our existing workforce and the need to re-train people who wish to move from the gas heating and plumbing industries,” said GSHPA chair Laura Bishop.

Further information and registration here.

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