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R32 Hybrid wins sustainability award

UK: A finalist in the recent CIBSE awards, Mitsubishi Electric’s R32 Hybrid VRF went one better this month, taking the Low Carbon Initiative prize at the Edie Sustainability Awards. 

The company’s R32 Hybrid VRF won the Edie Low Carbon Initiative of the Year Award at the finalist’s award ceremony in London.

“As the only provider of a large scale VRF air conditioning unit using R32 refrigerant it is a real honour to be recognised by the edie sustainability awards,” said Mitsubishi Electric UK’S product marketing department manager Mark Grayston.

The City Multi R32 Hybrid VRF is the only VRF-type solution able to utilise the low GWP of R32 refrigerant. Launched in May 2018, the City Multi R32 avoids R32’s flammability issues by using water as the heat transfer vehicle for the majority of the air conditioning system.

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