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SBS opens second branch in Scotland

UK: Following the successful opening of SBS Glasgow in 2020, Smith Brothers Stores has now expanded its presence in Scotland with a branch in Dundee.

The 35,000ft2 branch is located on the north side of Dundee and adjacent to the A90 dual carriageway that runs through Dundee to Aberdeen.

SBS regional manager Iain Mills said, “Having two branches in Scotland that are strategically and geographically located will allow us to offer next-day delivery to most parts of Scotland.”

“We aim to provide the North of Scotland with the high level of service it deserves. We are a team of dedicated professionals who want our customers to enjoy every interaction with the branch,” added branch manager Grant Purdom.

The address of the new branch is Unit R, Claverhouse Industrial Park, Charles Bowman Avenue, Dundee DD4 9UB. Tel: 0138 221 3600.

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