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SNP calls for increases in apprentice pay

11796184_sUK: The Scottish National Party has repeated calls for powers over the minimum wage to be devolved to Scotland to allow action on fair pay for apprentices.

With new figures showing that Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland rose by 60% from 15,803 in 2007/08 to 25,247 in 2014/15, the SNP wants to see significant increases in the minimum wage for apprentices.

At the general election, the SNP put forward plans to increase the current minimum wage for apprentices from the current £2.73 per hour to £6.86 by 2020.

Commenting, SNP MSP Stewart Maxwell said: “It is simply wrong that due to the discriminatory regulations of the UK Government, many apprentices could find themselves earning less than £3 per hour.

“It’s absolutely vital that we can continue to attract more young people into the Modern Apprentice programme – and that they aren’t put off by the disincentive of low pay.”

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