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Star’s Ethos wins TCS&D award

UK: A joint energy-saving project between Star Technical Solutions (STS) and The Ice Co won the Partnership Award at the TCS&D Awards on Tuesday. 

Star’s Ethos energy management system installed at the Wakefield, West Yorkshire, distribution centre of The Ice Co Storage & Logistics company brought savings of over £100,000 per annum on electricity costs.

Receiving the award, a delighted Anne Flanagan, STS business development management at STS, said, “It is a great case study and example of just how much impact our plant optimisation solution can have on existing refrigeration plants. The company has significantly reduced their annual energy spend and carbon footprint by following the system’s targeted maintenance recommendations – and the customer now plans to roll out Ethos at their other plants across the UK to further mitigate energy costs.”

Ethos performance optimisation and energy management remotely monitors and analyses data from refrigeration plants and makes recommendations to help it become more energy efficient. With the advice and insights provided by Ethos, the distribution centre was able to condense its carbon emissions substantially by 310 tonnes of CO2 per year, and has saved over £100,000 annually on energy bills.

Ethos proposed immediate changes to the maintenance regime including changes to condenser fan sequencing and fan control which required no capital investment, along with savings of £68,000 from corrective actions such as replacing an inefficient compressor.

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