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The large should help the small

Malcolm-ThomsonUK: New BESA president Malcolm Thomson says he is keen to encourage the association’s major members to use its smaller members as preferred sub-contractors.

In his inaugural address at BESA’s recent AGM, newly-installed president Malcolm Thomson said: “One of the key reasons why small firms joined the association was to gain an understanding of the practices adopted by larger members, so that they could become more professional, more innovative and more efficient in all aspects of their business,” he said.

“I believe that, by fostering lasting relationships between the large guys and the small guys, much advantage can be gained by both parties.”

He also said that the over-riding role of the Building Engineering Services Association must be to help its members face up to present and future challenges.

“We must emphasise to clients the high levels of technical competence, commercial capability and adherence to safety best practice that members are required to maintain – and we must address the skills shortages that threaten to limit the extent to which members can take advantage of commercial opportunities.”

Pinpointing the need to protect and enhance the reputation of BESA badge as one of quality and reliability, he added: “We must ensure that membership remains healthy in number and representative of the sector.”


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