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Arkema boosts HFO-1233zd production

USA: Refrigerant manufacturer Arkema has announced plans to increase the supply of the low GWP HFO 1233zd through plants in China and the USA.

Arkema has announced the start-up of HFO-1233zd production at the site of its partner Aofan in China as well as the commencement of the construction of a line at its Calvert City, USA, manufacturing plant. 

HFO-1233zd is a single component, A1 non-flammable gas with a GWP of just 5 under AR4. Although mainly targeted as a low GWP foam blowing agent, R1233zd has also been adopted for use in chillers by a number of major manufacturers. 

The Aofan plant in Zibo City, Shandong, will have an initial capacity of 5kt/year. The Calvert City plant will add 15kt/year capacity and is expected to start production in late 2023 or early 2024. The $60m investment will include the retrofit of a current R134a production line. 

“Arkema’s partnership with Aofan has been over three years in the making. It comes at a time when Forane 1233zd production could not be more critical to support the industry’s growth,” said Christophe Villain, global group president, fluorochemicals. “This strategic partnership, in addition to our own plant coming online by end 2023 or early 2024, will enable us to bring more sustainable materials to home insulation, cold chain and appliance manufacturing.” 

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