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HFO developer named ACS Fellow

Bob-SyretUSA: Arkema’s Dr Robert Syvret has been made a Fellow of the American Chemistry Society for his role in the development of the HFOs 1234yf and 1233zd.

Dr Syvret joined Arkema Inc in 2011 as a research fellow in the fluorochemicals R&D group in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. As well as his leadership role in the technology development of 1234yf and 1233zd for refrigeration and foam expansion, Dr Syvret brought new fluorination technology to Arkema, expanding its technology base beyond the traditional use of HF exchange to now include the use of elemental F2 and other advanced fluorination technologies. 

As a research fellow at Arkema, Bob serves in an advisory committee reporting to the vice president of R&D, Ryan Dirkx, on projects and platforms outside of fluorochemicals but strategic to Arkema. He is also responsible for identifying, evaluating, and making recommendations on external opportunities and collaborations.

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