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Beijer’s Latvian success with Bitzer Ecostar

Bitzer EcostarLATVIA: Europe’s largest refrigeration and air con wholesaler Beijer Ref is making inroads into the Latvian market through its Latvian subsidiary Max Cool SIA.

Of particular interest is Bitzer’s Ecostar condensing unit. Max Cool has sold several dozens of Ecostars in Latvia during the past year, nine of which were included in the A7 hypermarket in Kekava.  This 5,075m² shopping complex includes the 2,500m² Rimi supermarket.

The nine Bitzer Ecostar condensing units, which include Bitzer’s Octagon Varispeed piston compressors, was the largest Ecostar installation in the Baltic States so far. A total of 21 evaporators, refrigeration counters, freezers and refrigeration shelves, as well as 14 refrigeration rooms are linked to the nine units.

A plug-and-play solution has been applied, which takes up only a third of the space compared with an integrated installation. The entire control and regulating system is remote-monitored via Modbus, which enables supervision over the operating parameters from both the office and from home.

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