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Carrier joins AWS Partner Network

USA: Carrier is now a part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN), a global community of partners who use AWS to build solutions and services for customers. 

Carrier will use its work with AWS as an integral part of its ongoing digital transformation. As an AWS Partner, Carrier says it can reach more customers with its digital solutions like Abound and Lynx.

As part of the APN, Carrier can build, market and sell its AWS offerings with access to AWS’ business, technical and marketing support. Customers are also said to have the assurance that cloud-based digital solutions are protected and maintained according to AWS standards.

“Carrier’s leadership in digital innovation and ability to move quickly to exceed our customers’ needs is exemplified by our partnership with AWS,” said Bobby George, Carrier’s senior vice president and chief digital officer. “As an AWS Partner, Carrier will reach more customers and unlock new selling models in more verticals than ever before.”

As an APN Partner, Carrier can deliver digital solutions like Abound and Lynx to new types of customers, expanding reach and awareness. Abound is Carrier’s smart building platform designed to give people confidence in the health and safety of their indoor environments. Hosted on AWS, Abound is an open technology platform that aggregates data from different systems and sensors, and provides building owners, operators, and occupants transparency into relevant and contextual insights about air quality, thermal comfort, and other performance data. 

Carrier’s Lynx digital platform, developed in collaboration with AWS, will provide Carrier customers around the world with enhanced visibility, increased connectivity, and actionable intelligence across their cold chain operations to improve outcomes for temperature-sensitive cargo, including food, medicine, and vaccines.

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