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Chemours invests $80m in 1234yf production boost

USA: Chemours is to invest $80m in the expansion of its HFO1234yf refrigerant manufacturing facility in Ingleside, near Corpus Christi, Texas.

Officially opened in 2019, the $300m plant supplies 1234yf, which it brands Opteon YF, for use in vehicle air conditioning systems, in chillers, and as a component in many new lower GWP refrigerant blends.

“This expansion demonstrates Chemours’ devotion to our customers, the communities in which we live and work, and the health and sustainability of the planet,” said Alisha Bellezza, Chemours’ president of Thermal & Specialized Solutions. “As demand increases, we are proud to make the investment that will help our customers navigate the complex regulatory landscape while supporting their bottom line with a high-performing, readily available product.”

Chemours estimates that the number of vehicles on US roads using R1234yf is now at least 80 million. By 2025, Chemours estimates that its low-GWP product line will eliminate an estimated 325MtCO2e globally.

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