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Chillventa reveals actual package of virtual event

GERMANY: The organiser of Chillventa’s new eSpecial online event has released details of packages available to prospective exhibitors and an initial outline of the extensive conference programme.  

The Chillventa eSpecial has been organised to replace the cancelled Chillventa 2020 air conditioning and refrigeration exhibition in Nuremberg.

According to the organiser, NürnbergMesse, the Chillventa eSpecial will offer three days of industry knowledge, dialogue and innovation from 13-15 October. 

The organiser, NürnbergMesse, reveals that participants in the online event will have the opportunity to make contacts, cultivate their networks, share knowledge and discuss new products, projects and developments in the sector. 

On all three days of the event, the profiles of participating exhibitors from all around the world will be available to visitors on a digital platform. These profiles can contain comprehensive information on the company, its products and innovations. All exhibitor packages also contain free access to the event for an unlimited number of personnel, so sales teams can be dispatched to chase up new contacts and interesting projects. 

The organiser says there will be a clear emphasis on direct personal discussions. During the event, exhibitor personnel will have a range of communication channels at their disposal to allow them to quickly contact relevant participants. In this context they are assisted by a sophisticated matchmaking system that suggests best matches for their requirements from among all participants in the event. 

Exhibitors can choose between three different packages (bronze, silver or gold) offering various benefits at prices from €1450 to €21,000.

Online conferences

The now traditional Chillventa Congress will take place on the first day (October 13) and will be followed by a programme of presentations on the second and third days.

In two lecture series, the virtual version of the Chillventa Congress will include the ASERCOM + EPEE Symposium and 6th Innovation Day Refrigeration Technology. It will also cover the topics of heat pump technologies for commercial and industrial applications and the energy-efficient air conditioning of data centres.

The second and third days will include presentations on components, systems and applications in three parallel streams.

As well as presenting innovative solutions for overall energy performance and energy saving, a large part of the event will be devoted to the many different aspects of refrigerants such as non-flammable low GWP refrigerants for refrigeration and heat pump applications, sensors for leak detection, recycling and the circular economy, and the eco-efficiency model. Other topics include the reduction of refrigerant charge, semi-hermetic compressors for R717, the selection of new refrigerant oils, compressor efficiency measurements, and certification programmes.

Eurammon will present a session on the use of R717 and R744; EVIA will cover the topic of fans; the VDMA will focus on filters and BFS will explore flammable refrigerants. The topic of heat pumps will also be covered in depth through presentations by the Austrian Institute of Technology and Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute.

The VDKF will look at data security specifically for businesses in the industry and explore the conscious decision to utilise virtual tools.

A session on refrigeration and AC systems in the context of the coronavirus pandemic will explore this current challenge from various perspectives and present the latest insights.

At the end of the three days, visitors to the virtual event will continue to have access to the presentations online.

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