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Climaventa adds 1234ze chiller

TECS2-HFOV2ITALY: Climaveneta is the latest manufacturer to combine the low GWP refrigerant 1234ze with oil-free compressor technology in a range of chillers.

The new refrigerant has been incorporated within new versions of Climaveneta’s proven TECS2 range of high efficiency chillers using Turbocor oil-free compressor technology.

Climaveneta claims better performance than traditional compressors, with a further 3% product efficiency compared to the same capacity compressor working with traditional R134a refrigerant.

The new TECS2 HFO also employs heat exchangers with larger heat exchange surfaces to maximise the cooling capacity and optimise the operation of the compressors. An innovative design that ensures reduced pressure drops and complete refrigerant evaporation, thus resulting in a further increase in the high efficiency levels achieved by the units.

TECS2 HFO is available both in air- or water-cooled versions from 339 to 1364 kW. Water-source units are also available in heat pump versions.

Climaveneta is the latest manufacturer to offer a range of chillers designed for the new low GWP refrigerant. Others include Carrier, Airedale, Star Refrigeration, Cofely, Blue Box and Klima-Therm.

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