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Buy-out gives Mitsubishi an R1234ze chiller

RC-GoGreenITALY: Mitsubishi Electric’s proposed purchase of DeLclima will give the Japanese manufacturer immediate access to chillers using the very latest low GWP refrigerant R1234ze.

The RC Group, one of the company’s within the DeLclima group, is about to launch a range of chillers using the new A2L “mildly flammable” refrigerant, which boasts a GWP of just 1.

Although best known for its VRF systems, unitary air conditioning and heat pumps, Mitsubishi has announced a proposed €644m takeover of DeLclima, the parent company of two of the world’s leading chiller manufacturers RC Group and Climaveneta.

Mitsubishi’s announcement of its full scale entry into the chiller market could not have been timed better, with the RC Group about to announce the availability of its new cutting-edge technology.

The Cooling Post has discovered that a number of the RC Group’s GoGreen R1234ze chillers have already been operating successfully at locations in Scandinavia, and now the Italian manufacturer is poised to offer the chillers to its global customer base.

The range includes a total of 34 models in both air-cooled and water-cooled versions. All use the Danfoss Turbocor compressor. 

The Unico Turbo FLG is an air-cooled liquid chillers, boasting class A energy efficiency, with flooded evaporator and micro-channel condensing coils. Capacities range from 260-1260kW with the chillers boasting EERs up to 3.36 and ESEERs up to 5.94.

A version employing a free-cooling system is also available in capacities from 400-1260kW and 497-1492kW in free-cooling. EERs are up to 3.5 and ESEERs up to 5.6.

The Frigo Turbo FLG is the water-cooled version available in capacities fro 250kW-1240kW, EERs up to 5.41 and ESEERs up to 9.10.

RC’s sister company Climaveneta also has air-cooled chiller versions using R1234ze.

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