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Daikin survey reveals lack of AC understanding

JAPAN: A survey by Daikin has revealed that most Japanese consumers are unaware of how to use air conditioners efficiently, so avoided turning them on during recent hot weather. 

The survey was conducted amongst 527 men and women aged 20-59 in mid-June when the maximum temperature exceeded 30°C in Tokyo. Around 70% said they would refrain from using air conditioners due to the rising cost of electricity. 

It also revealed that 59.2% of people misunderstood how to save power using air conditioners. Common misconceptions included using the air conditioner with the air volume set as low as possible, frequently turning the air conditioner off and, incredibly, covering the outdoor unit. 

Daikin argues that due to the way air conditioners work, any of these actions can easily lead to an increase in power consumption. 

The same survey, which would probably receive similar results anywhere in the world, also revealed that a large number of consumers were unaware how air conditioners worked. Nearly 50% admitted that they did not know that an air conditioner cooled the room by moving heat from the room to the outside. 

Daikin argues that while air conditioners in Japan account for the majority of household power consumption during the peak hours of summer, not using them risks heatstroke. It advises to use the air conditioner properly and understanding how air conditioners work is important to conserve electricity.

The Daikin Japan website now includes information for the general public explaining how air conditioners work and how to save electricity. 

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