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Deal to advance immersion cooling

BARCELONA: Well known lubricant brand Castrol has signed an agreement with immersion cooling company Submer to accelerate the adoption of the technology in data centres.

The companies plan to collaborate on the global supply, standardisation, and development of next generation immersion cooling fluids – fluids used to cool components of IT equipment by submerging computer components in a thermally conductive and dielectric liquid. The servers are cooled as a result and heat is transferred from the source to the liquid.

By combining Castrol’s thermal management expertise with Submer’s expertise in immersion cooling systems, the two organisations say they aim to achieve a multitude of benefits particularly in allowing data centres to be managed in a more sustainable manner. With immersion cooling the water usage and the power consumption to operate and cool server equipment can be significantly reduced.

“There are two key drivers for needing a different medium other than air; there’s a technical need driven by the supporting future generations of high-density chips that can no longer be cooled by traditional means, and a sustainability driver, driven by the need to deliver more sustainable data centers with improved environmental performance,” said Submer co-founder and CEO Daniel Pope.

“Thanks to immersion cooling we can run these digital infrastructures with considerably reduced energy and space typically required. Additionally, with utilising heat recovery and reuse technology, we turn them into highly efficient thermal power sources that can deliver hot water to neighbouring businesses,” he added.

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