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Energy saving R1234ze chiller wins award

JAPAN: The installation of a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries heat recovery type turbo heat pump running on R1234ze has won a top Japanese award for achieving energy savings of over 70%.

The 2,404 kW GART-ZE75I.HP machine serves as a new heat source for the Toyota Motor Hokkaido automobile parts manufacturing plant in Tomakomai City, Japan.

The installation reduced the amount of steam used and fossil fuel consumption supplied by the existing heavy oil boilers and gas boilers. In addition, by using the cooling water of the water-cooled air compressor as the exhaust heat source, it was possible to operate at a low compression ratio. As a result the average heating COP is 7.89. 

In the 26 days since the equipment was delivered in February 2021, the installation is said to have achieved a 72% reduction in terms of crude oil.

The installation received the General Incorporated Foundation Energy Conservation Center Best Award (Repair Equipment Category) of the Excellent Energy Conservation Equipment Award, which is sponsored by Japan’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment Industry Association.

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