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EPEE plans next two Eureka events

BELGIUM: EPEE, the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment, has named Bucharest and Bruges as the venues for the next two Eureka events.

Organised by EPEE in partnership with the European Ventilation Industry Association (EVIA),  the Eureka events explore the role of the HVACR sector for society and future generations. It provides a forum for cross-generation debates, enabling industry to continue innovating and meet even higher levels of comfort and sustainability.

The Romanian capital Bucharest will be the next stopping-off point for the Eureka roadshow on Friday 14 December 2018. This follows on from the inaugural Eureka roadshow which took place in Italy last year.

Eureka 2019 will take place at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium, on 11-12 June 2019.

“The Eureka project will continue to grow and explore ways for the industry to remain competitive and fulfil the needs of future generations,” commented EPEE director-general Andrea Voigt. “The success of Eureka 2017 in Berlin demonstrated the need to take the Eureka project around the European Union and encourage cross-border support. Our Bucharest roadshow event will enable our colleagues in the Romanian industry and further afield to come along and find out what Eureka is trying to achieve.”

The first edition of Eureka took place in The Hague in 2016 and the second in Berlin in December 2017, both of which sandwiched the roadshow event in Italy in September 2017.

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