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European heat pump sales rise 38%

BELGIUM: Heat pump sales in Europe last year rose nearly 38% to around 3 million units, according to new data from the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA).

Based on this early data from 16 markets, the EHPA estimates the total number of connected heating heat pumps (both air-to-air and water-based) and hot water heat pumps in Europe is now around 20 million. This would indicate that heat pumps are providing heating to about 16% of Europe’s residential and commercial buildings.  

The number of heat pumps sold in 2022 are estimated to replace roughly 4 billion m3 of natural gas, avoiding about 8Mt of CO2 emissions. Europe’s entire heat pump stock now avoids 54Mt of CO2 – roughly equivalent to the annual emissions of Greece. 

Annual heat pump sales in Europe since 2010

In terms of increases in heating heat pump sales compared to 2021, Poland leads by quite a margin with slightly above +100% over 2021’s sales, followed by Czechia (99%), the Netherlands (+80%), Belgium (+66%), Sweden (+60%), Austria (+59%), Germany (+53%) and Finland (+52%). A second group of countries shows strong growth between 20 and 40%: the UK (40%, but based on estimates not official figures); Italy (+37%), Norway (+25%), Spain (+21%), Switzerland (+22%) and Denmark and France (both +20%).    

Note: Sweden’s heat pump calculations now include air to air heat pumps, which is why the growth displayed is so significant. The UK’s figures are not official but are an estimate based on expert opinion 

Describing 2022 as “a phenomenal year”, EHPA secretary general Thomas Nowak said: “The spectacular heat pump growth is testament to an innovative and sustainable sector which is doing everything to increase capacity and  accordingly is creating jobs, helping climate action and stabilising energy bills. But still many in Europe do not yet have a heat pump for reasons ranging from the sector operating at capacity to upfront costs to lack of clear information. We are working closely with a coalition of organisations and the European Commission to build an EU heat pump plan which addresses these crunch points.”

Heat pumps sold per 1,000 households in 2022 per country (household numbers based on 2021 data).
* UK figures are not official but are an estimate based on expert opinion

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