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Evapco buys Dolphin WaterCare

The Dolphin system in installed in over 5,000 facilities worldwide

USA: Cooling tower manufacturer Evapco has acquired the Dolphin WaterCare water treatment business from Clearwater Systems. 

Dolphin WaterCare, based in Middletown, Connecticut, provides an environmentally-friendly and proven alternative to chemical water treatment for evaporative cooling and refrigeration systems.

The Dolphin system is based on pulse-power technology to impart a broad spectrum of electro-magnetic fields into the flowing cooling tower water to inhibit scale and prevent corrosion in addition to biological control. The system is already installed in over 5,000 facilities throughout the world.

“We are optimistic that combining Evapco’s financial strength with the water treatment experience, technology and service capabilities of the two companies will help drive market demand for sustainable water treatment,” said  William G Bartley, president and CEO of Evapco. “Our goal is to provide innovative water treatment solutions that will yield improved water efficiency and sustainability benefits for the evaporative cooling industry,” he added.

In support of these objectives, Evapco says the Dolphin WaterCare business will continue commercial operation as an independent entity based in Middletown, for the foreseeable future with its existing team and channels to market.

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