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Frascold to install PV system

ITALY: Refrigeration compressors manufacturer is to install a 1.3MWp photovoltaic system at its factory in Rescaldina. 

In a 12-year deal with energy investment company Elettra Investimenti, Frascold has ensured a guaranteed minimum production of 1,311,940kWh/year of clean energy to meet its own self-consumption, without incurring any investment for the design and construction of the plant or its subsequent maintenance.

“In the last five years, investments have been directed towards the core business with the aim of maintaining unchanged or where possible to further improve the quality of our products and to increase production capacity to conquer new markets,” explained Frascold’s CEO Giuseppe Galli. “For this reason we have chosen to develop the photovoltaic project in ESCo Formula and without our direct investment.” 

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