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Freor moves to new factory

LITHUANIA: Commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer Freor will celebrate its 20th anniversary with the move to a new 16,300m2 production plant in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The new manufacturing site is also home to the company’s business headquarters. Around 90% of production has already moved to the new facility and is expected to be at full capacity by the spring. The move was planned so as not to interrupt the manufacturing process.

Situated near Vilnius airport, just 7km from the former site, the new facility includes new production lines equipped with state-of-the-art robotic machinery. It also includes a new 350m powder coating line, the heat from which will fully be used to heat the facility during the winter. 

The new facility will produce a wide range of refrigerated cabinets, showcases, and freezers, backed by a certified laboratory that will comply with the worldwide standard for refrigerated display cabinets, ISO 23953. 

Freor sees the new factory as a significant new stage in the company’s development. It will allow a substantial increase in production capacity of its former 14,000m2 plant to better meet growing international demand. Increased automation is expected to increase efficiency, raise product quality and reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. It will also improve working conditions for company employees. 

The new production facility is said to have been built in accordance with the highest sustainability standards and claims A+ energy efficiency. 

Around 2,400m2 is dedicated to the administrative headquarters’ building, which includes a sports area and a staff canteen.

Freor is the only manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment in the Baltic States. The company exports about 90% of its products and supplies refrigeration equipment to top retailers across the European Union and beyond. Western Europe and the North Region are the largest markets, with a significant share of sales to CIS countries, the Middle East, Asia, and South Africa.

The company also operates a 10,000m² factory in Belarus.

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