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Haier R290 ac line is Euro safety certified

CHINA: Haier’s propane air conditioner production line at its factory in Jiaozhou has received safety certification from German assessment company TUV Rheinland.

During the certification process, TUV Rheinland conducted three assessments to ensure that the R290 production lines were in compliance with the safety requirements specified in the European ATEX directives: Risk Assessment for Hazardous Environments and Ignition Sources, Establishment of Safety Measures and Equipment Selection and Installation Inspection. TUV Rheinland also provided safety training and certification to Haier’s R290 production personnel to ensure that they had the necessary operation knowledge and skills.

R290 is being used as a refrigerant replacement in the production of air conditioners and other refrigeration appliances in parts of the Far East and India. However, R290’s flammable and explosive properties mean that more stringent safety standards are demanded.

Hair was a pioneer in the research and development of an R290 air conditioner, introducing its first models in 2015. It currently has six R290 production lines, including the Jiaozhou factory, and says it is fully capable of mass-producing R290 intelligent inverter air conditioners.

Acknowledging Haier’s continued promotion and application of eco-friendly refrigerants, Weikang Chen, vice president of TUV Rheinland Industrial Services Greater China, said that TUV Rheinland would continue to provide safety certification services for R290 and for other new refrigerant production lines and assist China in acquiring core refrigerant technology when it expands into the international market.

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