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Koura announces R1234yf car AC replacement

USA: Refrigerant manufacturer Koura is to introduce a refrigerant it developed more than 10 years ago as a new, direct replacement for R1234yf in the US automotive aftermarket.

The new A2L refrigerant, R444A, originally developed as an alternative to R134a in vehicle AC systems, will now be offered as a compatible, cheaper alternative to R1234yf. 

Formerly known as AC5, R444A blends R1234ze(E) with 12% R32 and 5% R152a. It has a GWP of 92 under AR4.

“This is a product OEMs and the market has been demanding for quite some time,” said Gregg Smith, president of fluorinated solutions at Koura’s parent company Orbia. “As a low-GWP aftermarket solution, it enhances our overarching strategy to deliver sustainable products that help our customers meet supply resiliency and future regulations without compromising performance.”

Third-party lab tests are said to have confirmed that R444A pulls down cabin temperature approximately 2°C colder than R1234yf and reaches a comfortable 22°C cabin temperature four minutes faster.

Koura also maintains that R444A’s higher energy efficiency may enable internal combustion engine vehicles to see improved fuel economy while electric vehicles may experience extended range.

As a direct replacement, service technicians can use the same R1234yf servicing equipment, gauges and tools with R444A.

R44A joins Koura’s recently announced lower GWP direct replacement for R134a in the automotive aftermarket, R456A.

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