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Kowalewsky is temporary AWA md

Armaturenwerk Altenburg factory
The Armaturenwerk Altenburg factory

GERMANY: Kai Kowalewsky has been appointed as temporary managing director of Bitzer subsidiary Armaturenwerk Altenburg GmbH (AWA). 

He replaces Günter Schuboth, who has left the company, and will be responsible for purchasing, technology, production and sales. Kowalewsky will oversee the company with existing joint managing director Diana Schubert until a permanent appointment can be made.

Kai Kowalewsky
Kai Kowalewsky

“I’m confident we’ll be able to appoint a new managing director within six to twelve months,” says Kowalewsky. “AWA’s economic situation is outstanding and that’s a good foundation on which to consolidate our position and continue growing and expanding,” he added.

Kai Kowalewsky has been with Bitzer for twelve years, the last five of which as director of international technical coordination.

Bitzer acquired AWA at the beginning of last year. It manufactures valves, sight glasses, solder adapters, flanges and fittings for refrigeration and air conditioning systems worldwide.

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