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New Eurovent certification schemes

FRANCE: Eurovent Certita has announced new product certification programmes for beverage coolers and IT cooling units.

The IT cooling unit certification is now up and running for manufacturers seeking to apply for product testing. The beverage cooler certification is still in the planning and any manufacturers of such products are welcome to join the launching committee.

The “exhaustive” IT cooling unit certification employs the certify-all principle, in which all the units sold by the participant on the EU market within the defined scope, shall be declared to ECC and can be subject to controls during the certification process.

The certification also requires annual random selection of units and tests in an independent and accredited laboratory chosen by Eurovent Certita Certifcation. An annual factory audit is also required to guarantee a high level of production quality and the relevance and accuracy between what is declared, produced and sold.

Software certification extends the certification of the units to non-standard condition functioning points.

Beverage coolers

A committee is being formed for the planned beverage cooler certification scheme. Any manufacturer of beverage coolers is welcome to join the launching committee. This committee composed of manufacturers and stakeholders will define the certification rules and requirements that will enable a comparable and correct evaluation of these products on the European market.

The call for participation to the launching committee is now opened, first meeting will take place during the Eurovent Summit in Sevilla on September 27.

Eurovent Certita Certification

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